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You go in for your annual eye exam and head to the frame room to pick out your glasses. The boards are filled with stunning frames of every shape, size and color. All of the sudden, the perfect one catches your eye! With great gusto, you pluck the frame from the board, remove your glasses, and put the beautiful frame on with excited anticipation.........WAIT A MINUTE!! You can't see a thing. The image in the mirror is a blur. What in the world are you supposed to do now?? How are you supposed to know if the frame really does look that fabulous on?? 
Here at the office of Dr. Michael Penney, we have the solution. SMART MIRRORS
As you can see here in the photo, Carrie is demonstrating what one of our SMART MIRRORS can do. With a few clicks of the remote, we can take up to four pictures(different frames, angles, views, whichever you like). Once these pictures are taken, you can put your glasses back on and can see just how fabulous that frame does look on you. Call or come in today to schedule your appointment and see just what our SMART MIRRORS are all about.