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Solar Eclipse Safety


August 21, 2017 will be a day for the history books. We will experience a total solar eclipse, causing areas of complete darkness across the path of totality. 
A solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the sun and the earth, casting a great shadow upon us. The peak of the eclipse will produce a "ring of fire" or annulus, where the outer edges of the sun will be visible. During this exciting time, it is vitally important to protect your eyes from damage that can occur.
Viewing merely a sliver of the sun without proper protection can do serious harm in a matter of seconds. The sun's powerful UV radiation, heat, and blue light can cause catastrophic damage to your eyes. If you try to view the eclipse with the naked eye or through optical aids such as binoculars, camera lenses, regular sunglasses, etc, be prepared. Consequences of these actions will result in sunburn along the surface of the eye and cornea, vision loss or blindness, and macular deterioration. Younger eyes are more vulnerable as well, so insure that your kids' eyes are protected.
Proper preparation will ensure a safe and ethereal time for you and your family. 
In the links below, you can find some safety tips for an optimal viewing experience and a reputable list of eclipse glasses/providers